"I'm a very good storyteller; I have a lot of compassion for people. That's very useful for a novelist. A lot of novelists are snots. They're just mean people. I'm not a terribly skilled stylist, nor do I want to be. I want a lot of people to read one of my stories and go, 'That was pretty cool.'"
-James Patterson

Jaqlin Hyde

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About Jaqlin Hyde

Jaqlin Hyde was born to a loving father and mother in Northern Utah, June of 1995. She grew up with a creative mind and a vivid imagination. As Jaqlin grew up she dealt with a lot of her emotional issues through her writing, she has written many things to cope with her parents divorce and living with two sets of parents through the years, depression, anger, and at times her suicidal thoughts. Writing has always calmed her and comforted her though out all the dark and sad things in her life.It has been her greatest joy and escape all these years. Her reason for writing now, after she has found a loving partner and living on her own, is to bring that joy to others and give them a way to escape their lives or problems if even only for a moment.

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    What is that swirly thing in the top corner?
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    What does Jaqlin Hyde look like?
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    What is Jaqlin Hyde working on next?

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