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  1. Endoria Book One: Richard Kingsly

And the first book to be published is.....

Release Date: TBA
The Book of Kingsly
This will be my first book to be published, I'll be annoucing what sites it will be avalible on and such. All you need to do now is tell me to get my ass to work! I'll be keeping you updated on the progress via my blog.
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Writers of the Future Contest

Release Date: TBA
This is a short story that I will be sending in to the Writers of the Future contest and then publish it when I get the contest results. Hey if you would like to enter the contest to click on the link below!
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Can I ask you a personal question?

Hey do you do the art? Because I'm freaking terrible, I'm looking for a kick ass illistrator who would love to do some book covers and other art for me. Email me, and send me some of your work. I'd love to hear form you.

Email, Email, Email **Zombie Voice**